The 5th Annual Black Tie GALA for State Charities

Knights of Columbus Charities of Georgia hosted the 5th Annual Black Tie GALA for State Charities, where 175 knights and guest attended a fun filled night of inspiring speeches and entertainment. The GALA was held on March 1st at the Dunwoody Country Club in Atlanta. While the GALA celebrated all State Charities the Wheelchair program was highlighted this year.


President Jerry Farnell welcomed the guests and said: “Tonight, we are here to celebrate the State Charities and its Donors.” All State Charities were addressed and the donors were said to be you, all of you here this evening, all of those who have donated but could not attend, and all of those who have donated to State wide charities throughout the year.

Also recognized were the Sponsors for this evening’s GALA, the individual family’s and companies who contributed at various levels of sponsorship.


Knights of Columbus Charities of GA had a good year in 2013 for State Charities. Total donations received were $300,000, 7.2 % better than last year and 20% higher than 2011. Just under half of total charity disbursements (48%) went to People With Intellectual Disabilities, 25% to Prolife Initatives,14% to Camp Inspire, a week long Special Olympics camp for Special Olympians to hone their current skills, develop some new ones and have fun doing it, and the balance of the disbursements were spread over the other charities.


We use the word Charity a lot and it’s good to remember that there are real people behind that word; people who are hurting, people who cannot help themselves, people who need our support. That’s what it’s all about, helping those people to have a better quality of life and them knowing that we care.


The guest speaker was Chris Lewis, President and Chairman of the American Wheelchair Foundation and son of entertainer Jerry Lewis. Chris’ talk was excellent. He inspired all who were present. He showed a DVD of the people around the world who his program helped by providing wheelchairs to those without mobility. In some cases, we saw fathers who were literally carrying their children around so they could get beyond their beds.In some cases people had to crawl to places just to survive from day to day. Mobility is just assumed by most of us, but without the ability to go from place to place, the hardship is severe and continuous.


The evening closed with the continuation of the silent auction and great music by the “Swing Daddies”