Camp Inspire - 2014

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Over 35 Knights traveled to Warm Springs, Georgia during the week of  June 16 - June 20 , 2014  to observe 75 Special Olympic Athletes at Camp Inspire. This was a heartwarming experience for all the knights to witness these athletes during their training, while also encouraging athletes to play, laugh and have fun as individuals and teammates.


Both State Deputy Sanford B. Hillsman and State Secretary Mark McMullen of Knights of Columbus of Georgia were overwhelmed with the courage, dedication, and enthusiasm of the Special Olympic athletes and camp staff. As depicted in the slideshow on the zip line, where much time, warmth and encouragement was given by staff and fellow athletes for Emily to take that first step and rode the zip line for the first time with cheers from all at the site.


David Crawford, Sports Manager SO and Camp Inspire Camp Director  presented a plaque and posters  to Sanford B. Hillsman, State Deputy, Knights of Columbus of Georgia for supporting Camp Inspire during the visit on June 19th.