Readers ask: How To Find The Veteran In Mass Effect 2?

The mission to recruit Zaeed – Dossier: The Veteran – was originally DLC in Mass Effect 2, but is included by default in the Legendary Edition. You’ll gain access to this mission after the events at Freedom’s Progress, after which you’ll find yourself in the Omega Nebula system.

Where do I find Zaeed in Mass Effect 2?

Zaeed can be found and recruited at the entrance to Omega and will immediately tell Shepard a condition of his aid is his Loyalty mission to liberate the refinery on Zorya from the Blue Suns. Shepard can complete this immediately if preferred.

Is zaeed a DLC?

Zaeed – The Price of Revenge is a DLC pack for Mass Effect 2 that was released on January 28, 2010. It was initially intended to be released on January 26, 2010 with Mass Effect 2’s launch, but was delayed.

Was Zaeed in the original Mass Effect 2?

Kasumi and Zaeed were supposed to be in Mass Effect 2, but were cut due to time and budget restraints before being brought back as DLC. By the time it was ready to ship, only ten of these characters had actually made it into the game, with Zaeed Massani and Kasumi Goto having fallen to the cutting floor.

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Where is Zaeed on the docks?

Zaeed can be found at the Citadel’s Refugee Docks after the incident with Korlack, pledging his support to Shepard’s war effort when Shepard comes visiting.

What DLC is Kasumi in?

Kasumi – Stolen Memory is a DLC pack for Mass Effect 2, that includes the final squadmate, a new weapon, new missions, and new areas.

How do I get Zaeed on Xbox one?

Once connected, agree to purchase the Cerberus network pass (it might have Microsoft points next to it but is actually free when you click through). Once you have the pass, go to the DLC menu in-game and you should be able to select all the free DLC from there, including Zaeed!

Can Zaeed survive without loyalty?

According to the Mass Effect Wiki, if Zaeed was not loyal at the end of ME2, he will die in this mission. If he was loyal, then he survives and becomes a war asset.

Who is Zaeed in Mass Effect 2?

Robin Sachs, the popular character actor who voiced gruff, scarred mercenary Zaeed Massani in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, has died at the age of 61. BBC America reports that London-born Sachs was found in his Los Angeles home on Tuesday, his birthday, having passed away four days earlier.

Is Kasumi in Mass Effect 3?

Kasumi appears in Mass Effect 3 provided that you imported a save with her surviving the suicide mission of the previous game, however, Goto does not join your squad.

Can you save Zaeed?

Like with Kasumi, he won’t have any dialogue exchanges you can enter into with him or conflicts with other crew members. He’ll stick with Shepard to the very end, and can be kept alive by making the right preparations going into the final mission.

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How do I get Zaeed loyalty?

The correct way to end the mission is by saving the people and then using the charm option to convince Zaeed. This will get you Zaeed’s loyalty but for this, you need to have a high Paragon score. If you choose to save the people and then choose “you owe me big for this” or “Come on Zaeed.

Can you romance Samara?

Samara Romance Explained It’s considered a Semi-Serious Romance, which for Samara means that while it won’t jeopardize a Romance with any other characters and has no Romance Scene, in Mass Effect 3 it can’t be continued if you’re in a Romance with any other characters.

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