Readers ask: How To Get Proof Of Veteran Status?

Additional Ways to Prove Military Service The DD Form 214, 215, 256, NGB Form 22 and similar forms are official proof of service documents. These are the forms usually required for applying for veterans benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs and other official benefits.

How do I get proof of military service?

You can request a copy of the Veteran’s military records in any of these ways:

  1. Mail or fax a Request Pertaining to Military Records (Standard Form SF 180) to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC).
  2. Write a letter to the NPRC.
  3. Visit the NPRC in person.
  4. Contact your state or county Veterans agency.

What form shows proof of military service?

A DD Form 214 proves military service. Obtaining a copy is essential if you want access to many of the benefits and services available to you.

Can I view my dd214 online?

Most veterans and their next of kin can obtain FREE copies of their DD Form 214 (Report of Separation) via online access. To use the system, you must be a military veteran, next of kin of a deceased member of the military, or former member of the military.

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What is the fastest way to get my DD214?

The best way to receive a copy of your DD 214 is get an eBenefits account. Go to and register. Once you have a premium account, click on the “Manage Benefits” tab, and go to the Military Personnel File (DPRIS) link to request a copy of the DD 214.

How do I get my DD 256?

Contact the headquarters of your service branch to request your DD 256 or place an order through the eVetRecs System at the National Archives website. When you create and file an online Standard Form 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records, you will be given a list of forms to choose from.

How do I get my NGB 22?

To obtain a copy of your NGB Form 22/22A, you have to contact the National Guard Adjutant General’s Office for the particular state in which you performed National Guard service. For contact information, visit the National Guard website.

How do I get my NGB Form 23?

Where to Get Your NGB Form 23. Depending upon what type of unit you are assigned to, you should ask your first line supervisor to help you get an updated copy. If they can’t help you out, make an appointment with your S1 Office. If you are at the company level, your Unit Readiness NCO can get you a copy.

Are DD214 public record?

Note: OFMPs, separation documents (DD214), replacement records, and medical records are not open to the public and must go through a verification process to obtain these items.

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How long does it take to get a copy of your DD214?

DD-214s can be requested either on-line or by mail. You will receive your DD-214 from the Archives in about about three to four weeks. You must have a working printer attached to your computer if you use the online request form.

Does a DD214 make you a veteran?

Am I a Veteran if I Have a DD-214? A DD-214 is a proof of discharge after being deployed under federal orders. If your discharge was due to reasons other than dishonorable, then you are considered as a veteran.

How do you get an expedited DD214?

The only way to get your DD214 faster is to use an expeditor like DD214Direct. With us, you’ll avoid government delays and often get your military records up to several weeks faster.

Where can I get my DD214 in person?

If you want to view a DD214 in person, you can visit the National Personnel Records Center in St. Schedule an appointment for a research room.

  • For military personnel records from before 1955, either e-mail [email protected] or call 314-801-0850.
  • For military personnel records from after 1954, call 314-801-0775.

Is DD214 direct legit?

Here at DD214 Direct, we try really hard to help veterans with the retrieval of their DD214. Our procedure is easy, fast, convenient, and reliable. Over the years we have developed a process guide that enables us to know where the veterans records are kept and we work with 75 independent agencies to find records fast.

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