First Call Pregnancy Center of Greensboro, Georgia celebrates new Ultrasound Machine!!

Commander Paul Kunkel, Grand Knight Jim Collins of Council 13808 , John Faerber, Art Hargrove, Executive Director Margaret Keck of the First Call Ceneter, Nick Piller, Wally Marcis, and Tim DesMet. (Shown right to left)

By Fran D’Antonio

The First Call Pregnancy Center of Greensboro is celebrating the startup of their new ultrasound machine. The ultrasound machine is the most important piece of equipment available to show clients the first picture of their unborn baby and to choose life over abortion. First Call has served the surrounding community since 2005 and has been in need of a new machine for two years. Margaret Keck, Executive Director, said that “Christmas came early this year for First Call with the startup of the new machine since their machine had stopped operating three months earlier.” First Call has over 900 client visits annually and has seen that number increase each year. Since abortion was legalized in 1973 over 55 million abortions have been performed in the USA and nationally there are over 1.1 million abortions annually. The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal organization with over 1.8 million members and has a worldwide initiative to assist pregnancy centers in their purchase of ultrasound machines. When a Local Council raised funds to purchase an ultrasound machine, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council matched the other half of the machine’s cost.


The funds raised by the Knights local council 13808 and First Call Pregnancy Center in Greensboro, GA were provided by donations from local churches, individuals and the Knights of Columbus Right-to-Life Charity Fund.

The Knights of Columbus is the largest worldwide charity of its kind giving over $154 million directly to charity, donating over 400,000 pints of blood and performing over 70 million man-hours of voluntary service annually.

Locally, they are best known for their Tootsie Roll fund raising for local charities concerned with people with intellectual disabilities, their blood drive and handing out “Keep Christ in Christmas” bracelets are Christmas time.


Shown around the new ultrasound machine are Grand Knigh Jim Collins of Council 13808 of Greensboro, GA, Margaret Keck, Executive Director of First Call, Wally Marcis, Tim DesMet. (Shown right to left) Not shown was  Jerry Farnell, President of Knights of Columbus Charities of Georgia, which also attended the cerebration.,

Ultrasound Machine List of Major Donors
• Churches/Organizations

o Georgia Baptist Care Ministry Foundation
o Christ Our King and Savior Catholic Church
o Lakeside Church
o  Hill Chapel Church
o First United Methodist
o  Lake Oconee Lutheran
• Individuals
o Mr. and Mrs. Tony Dejno
o Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jochim
o Mr. and Mrs. Fran D’Antonio
o  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Carlson
o Mr. Rolly Clark