Pennies for Heaven

“Pennies for Heaven” is a charitable program to support the Priests/Brothers at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia. The Monastery of the Holy Spirit is a community of more than 40 monks spanning several generations, who live, work and pray together.


In 1944, 21 Trappist monks departed Gethsemani Abbey in Kentucky to found a monastery in the wilderness of rural Georgia. They arrived in Conyers – an unknown place with a small Catholic presence– with the desire to form a new community devoted to God's word.

Together they built the magnificent Abbey Church, a massive concrete structure that took 15 years to complete, as well as many of the other buildings that stand on our grounds today. Guided by faith, they labored out of love for their new home, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit.  

Before they completed the church, the Gethsemani monks lived in a barn on old Honey Creek Plantation nearby. At the time, the roads leading to it were covered with red Georgia clay and Atlanta was a relatively small southern town that seemed far away. The diocese was centered in Savannah, and the Catholic population of Georgia consisted of just one family residing in Rockdale County.

Over the course of its history, the monastery has lived through seasons of death and new beginnings, seasons of change and perseverance; seasons of joy and sorrow. Today, we rejoice and embrace a season of renewal.


On May 17, 2014, Abbot Francis of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit  was presented, at the Knights of Columbus of Georgia State Convention award dinner,a $10,000 check from the Knights of Columbus Charities of Georgia, as shown to the left.


Please consider making a donation using the WAYS TO DONATE button to help raise funds for Pennies for Heaven. The monks need our help in supportIing their community and the Monastery.


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