Special Olympics

For many years the Knights of Columbus has raised funds for programs that support Special Olympics.  Please consider making a donation using the WAYS TO DONATE button to help us continue to support these programs.  In addition, the Annual Tootsie Roll Drive is the Knights' largest fundraiser that support this cause. 


Annually, the Knights of Columbus in Georgia have raised and donated over $125,000 to programs at local Community, State and National levels for people with intellectual and physical disabilities. Among the larger gifts of time and money the Knights makes annually is to Special Olympics, the ARC of Georgia, and other programs for people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.


In July 2015 the Special Olympics World games will be held in Los Angeles, California. The Knights of Columbus pledged $1.4 million to ensure that every qualified athlete from the United States and Canada are able to participate in the games. This event will require 30,000 volunteers to assist in making this a memorable moment for the 7,000 athletes coming from over 177 countries throughout the world. The athletes that will be striving to qualify for the World Games will be working hard during the coming year and they will need support as they train. They may need facilities in which to train, transportation to those training facilities, uniforms or equipment, and nutritious meals and snacks while they’re training. 


The Knights of Columbus believe that the Special Olympics are nearly unparalleled in their ability to show the intrinsic worth and dignity of every single human being. These games don't just build strength and character and the athletes and participants; it only takes a few moments with the competitors to be inspired by the force of their determination, and the true sense of God's love.


The Special Olympics are too wonderful to overlook, and the Knights of Columbus are committed to bringing the games to all the major communities in Georgia.


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