Upcoming Events


This webpage provides a list of upcoming events sponsored by our  local K of C's  Councils for charities and Knights of Columbus Charities of Georgia (KCCGA)  in Georgia. These events support Local charities: People with Intellectual Disabilities and Special Olympics: Wheelchairs Fund for  VA hospitals and others: and Frontline Faith for mp3 players with psalms, spiritual lectures, and gospels to military men and women being deployed to dangerous locations around the world.  They also support Coats for Kids and Ultrasound Equipment to pregnancy centers so expectant mothers can hear the heartbeat of their child within and hopefully make the right to life decision when considering an abortion. 


All the K of C's  Councils in Georgia are encouraged to forward the information about the event to KCCGA. KCCGA will place the information on this website to attract Knights and others to attend the event. Please forward the information to info@gakcc.org.