The Knights of Columbus acknowledges this unselfish act of patriotism by promoting the "Serving Those Who Served" program. There are 26 million U.S, veterans and hundreds of thousands of men and women currently serving in the military. Meeting the needs of such a large population is the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs, which operates  more than numerous facilities throughout the Georgia, ranging from three full-service hospitals in Atlanta, Augusta, and Dublin to nursing homes and home-care programs.


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Voluntary Service (VAVS) Program is the vehicle that the Knights of Columbus uses in the "Serving Those Who Served" program. The Knights of Columbus currently has VAVS representatives in every VA hospitals in Georgia.  There is one certified representative and up to, three deputy representatives from the Knights of Columbus at the hospital. Representatives recuit and manage K of C VAVS volunteers in developing activities and programs that target the most essential needs of the patients. Veterans Administration Voluntary Services Program may include the following:


  • Designate fund-raising events per quarter to benefit Veterans

  • Organize a day trip to a Veterans Retirement Home

  • Maintain a collection container for Needs List items

  • Visits to the VA hospitals to distribute snacks, fresh fruit, and other items along with friendly visit.

  • Send Thank You cards to Veterans at a VA center on Veterans Day

  • Host an annual tribute dinner for local area Veterans

  • Send Thanksgiving/Christmas care packages to VA hospital


Supporting our Veterans can take many forms. Knights provide support by participating in upcoming Veterans events or by visiting a Veterans center or hospital. Contributions in support of our Veterans can be made using the  WAYS TO DONATE button. Thank you for  your support and  our Veterans are immensely grateful.


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