The Wheelchairs for Veterans program was set up to benefit those who have been denied mobility and cannot afford a wheelchair on their own. The program recipients keep their wheelchairs, which provide them a level of mobility and improve their quality of life.


Using the Knights of Columbus Global Wheelchair Mission, for each $150.00 donation, a wheelchair is added to a sea container and when it is full (110 wheelchairs) it is shipped somewhere in the world for those in desperate need. Our Wheelchair Program  is similar; however, Georgia Knights of Columbus councils have the opportunity to have the container shipped to Georgia for wheelchair distribution. As a result, your donation can be used  for wheelchairs in local communities around Georgia. Local K of C Councils identify the individual to receive the wheelchairs.


Following are resources the program uses to determine who in Georgia needs a wheelchair:

  • VA Hospitals

  • Agencies on Aging

  • Local Catholic parishes

  • St. Vincent de Paul Society and Catholic Charities

  • Assisted living sites (some are operated by the Catholic dioceses)

  • Homes for retired religious


In 2012, the Wheelchair raised $16,500, which purchased only one container of 110 wheelchairs. Veterans and many others often suffer from a lack of mobility simply due to the lack of a wheelchair. 


A wheelchair changes the lives of entire families and on average 10 people’s lives are directly impacted in a positive way with the gift of each wheelchair.The Knights of Columbus Wheelchair Fund was established to respond to this need.  For $150, the cost of one wheelchair, we can greatly improve the life of a veteran or other individuals in need.  Please consider making a donation using the WAYS TO DONATE button to support greater mobility for one of our deserving Veterans.


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Wheelchairs for Veterans